Meet EMO / Introduction


The European Music Office is an international non-profit association bringing together professional organisations, associations and federations from the music sector within the European Union. It represents more than 600 000 people from all music genres and sectors (authors, composers, performers, publishers, producers, managers; those involved in live music, education and training…).


EMO’s mission is to promote the interests of the music sector at the European Union level. Its main objective is the conception and implementation by the European Union of a music policy – a specific and necessary support to the European music industry.

Our main activity concerns lobbying at EU level, which implies regular meetings both with EU representatives and music professionals. Valid and updated information on issues related to the music sector is provided to the EU.

To find out more about EMO’ lobbying actions, please go to European Affairs.

Members of EMO are kept informed and specific information is provided on request. EMO’s website follows the EU evolution.

EMO wishes to be a consensual platform bringing together different European music associations.

To know more about our activities please go to activit

The EMO Team

In Brussels, Belgium:

Jean-François Michel, Secretary General
Email: [email protected]

Judith Merkies, Executive Manager
Email: [email protected]

Mies Druyts, Finance Manager
Email: [email protected]

Julia Persaud, Projects Manager
Email: [email protected]

Jean-Marc Leclerc, Management Assistant and Communications
Email: [email protected]

Victor Valdivia, Trainee – Project Export Handbooks
Email: [email protected]

In New York, USA:

Robert Singerman – [email protected]

Michele Amar – [email protected]